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Electrical plant

Operating system installation and electrical equipment, industrial new system   read more

Lighting control systems

Lighting control systems, plant cabinet MDB, DB, LP and Welding Box   read more

Installation of water quality monitoring

Installation - designed automatic water quality monitoring stations to various government agencies such as Bangkok Taos. Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants   read more

Improved sewage systems

AIDA improve wastewater treatment in industrial automation integrated   read more

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Installation, maintenance of power systems
Contractor design energy-efficient maintenance and installation of high voltage systems. Hight volt and low voltage and Low volt electrical systems for all industries. Lighting Transformer size And a variety of electrical equipment and a team of engineers with expertise. Including skilled as well. Available And solve problems Of electrical equipment to be used effectively.

Mechanical Industry
Develop, design, manufacture and installation of machinery used in industrial applications. The leading companies of all kinds, such as machinery, machine automation. With controls Electric controls. And a programmable PLC (PLC) system Pneumatic - Hydraulic. Machinery for welding parts (JIG, FIXTURE or DIE) automated conveyor system. Conveyor (CONVEYOR) and produce parts according to your needs.

System Automation SCADA.
Design and development of automation applications. Order control cabinet Temperature switch board electrical cabinet according to customer requirements. Design and Installation Automation using PLC SCADA HMI As-i brand Mitsubishi Siemens Panasonic Abb Toshiba WinCC and other consulting and design software for use in automated control. PLC relay system from the old system, a new version of As-interface and PLC.