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Improved sewage systems

AIDA Update the fully automated water treatment systems in industrial plants 

  The removal or destruction of contaminants in wastewater away. Or the minimum standards imposed and does not cause pollution to the environment. Waste water from different sources to qualify. The water treatment process is not the same, so there are many ways. By wastewater treatment can be divided into four stages as follows.

1. preliminary treatment The process of separating the dirt at large. Insoluble out of the water by the user Screens


2. primary treatment The wastewater from the process through which one will be settling in the settling tank called primary sludge Treatment at this stage to reduce the BOD by about 25-40%, depending on the features and performance of the sedimentation tank effluent.

3. Secondary treatment wastewater from the second to be brought into the aeration tank, where it is aerated to the bacteria using the air bacteria help decompose and remove organic matter or BOD, which is in the form of a solution or colloidal particles out of the water. into the sediments Fell into the tank bottom sludge in this section will be removed. The water in the upper part of the settling tank to clear up. In this process will reduce the BOD by about 75-95% of the BOD of the water is less than 20 mg / l. Can be dropped into the river, but to clean and suitable for recycling into new therapies to Step 4.

4.Tertiary treatment Purity water can be reused for consumption. This healing process is a process of chemical physics - chemical effluent treatment. Step Two It was precipitated by phosphate compound chemically separate out the lime. Then get rid of the remaining organic matter by physical methods - chemical methods, ion exchange, which will have clean water if sterile water is not clean.