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System Automation SCADA

Designed Automation SCADA systems in industrial plants of all kinds, be it electricity, water, food manufacturers roll production paint factory on Chemicals and various plant types more care system from the start. beginning And equipment supply It can be used by a team of real professionals who are highly experienced.

SmartBatchingPlant System SCADA
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition “System”
- (Collection of information)
- (Transferring data to a central site)
- (Analyze for data processing) or PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
- As a result, the operation of the device. (Control)
- Displays the operating status of the device (Monitor)

SCADA “Control and processing center” SCADA
1. Master Station and Slave Station
2. Data Processing digital computer.
3. Receive data and commands through the PLC system to working order automatic programs advance
4. The interface between the network could use a wired or wireless (radio).
5. Control Desk and Mimic Panel

The network control
     SCADA Configuration Computer and PLC connect to Network Data afferent And command centers to perform the job at various points. SCADA It refers to the practice of eating several points. And a transmission distance. You need a modem Remote I/O


Crusher Plant

Outline of SCADA systems have two major
1. Peer to Peer
2. Master to Slave

SCADA systems are most common between the station and the station is a destination
1. Master and Slave Well connected Star
2. Master and Slave Well connected Multi-point

Communication network
    This form of communication links that are simple and minimal (Point to Point) The link between the two periods. But when the station wants to have more than two consecutive points. Need(Communication Network) Further divided into two main forms.

1.(Switching Network) consisting of nodes Several nodes linked by a transmission path. Data is transmitted from source to destination via different nodes of a network node is responsible for the transmission station at that node. The link between the node station to a point. But the link between nodes, with the node is a multi-plex is used to send information sharing. The data may also be passed through a node or nodes. The network switching will choose a path that is convenient and affordable, for example, the network packet switch data from A to B may pass through nodes 1 and 2 or a node 1, 3 and 2 can be the right path, while sending.

2.(Broadcast Networks)     Transmission of data from one node to the output signal is spread to every node in the network. And all nodes can receive data at the same. Broadcast networks have a medium to transmit only a single path. This could be the atmosphere A single cord or cable networks, radio networks such as GPRS satellite network. And bus network

Each transmitter for too many. Signal at the same time or between multiple stations simultaneously. It uses different As well as to the suitability of each system, such as using a different carrier frequency. Using the multi-plex frequency. Or time division multiplexing a specified sender station

(Master Station) The station will include
1. PLC with input and output units
2. Computer
3. (Control Desk) and (Mimic Panel)

(Slave Station) The station consists of balls
1. PLC with input and output units
2. To control devices such as home floodgates. Water Level Sensor Measuring rain

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