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Electrical plant

Operating system installation and electrical equipment, industrial new system   read more

Lighting control systems

Lighting control systems, plant cabinet MDB, DB, LP and Welding Box   read more

Installation of water quality monitoring

Installation - designed automatic water quality monitoring stations to various government agencies such as Bangkok Taos. Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants   read more

Improved sewage systems

AIDA improve wastewater treatment in industrial automation integrated   read more

Mechanical Industry

Develop, design, manufacture and installation of machinery used in industrial applications. A leading company in Thailand. The company design and manufacture. According to customer demand, the production of heat energy. And mechanical energy used to maximum benefit. With a focus on quality With a team of professional engineers Based on expertise Compliance with the requirements of a qualified Industry Focus modern engineering, which covers various aspects including production control, industrial design, and mechanical maintenance. Conditioning and plumbing systems in buildings and industrial plants. Mechanical energy is becoming a major trend in the industrial development of the country

  • Mechanical automatic machines of all kinds With controls Electric controls. And a programmable PLC (PLC)
  • Design, create, update and modify industrial controls. Automation with PLC or other system.
  • Machinery for welding various parts.
  • Automated conveyor system, CONVEYOR
  • Manufactures parts according to customer requirements.
  • Automation of all kinds Used in all types of industries and so on.

          With over 10 years experience working with a professional team. A skilled work as well. We have been trusted by leading companies around the country, so the machine or you will be ensuring. The portfolio quality. Reasonable prices And after-sales service, you will be satisfied.

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