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Electrical plant

Operating system installation and electrical equipment, industrial new system   read more

Lighting control systems

Lighting control systems, plant cabinet MDB, DB, LP and Welding Box   read more

Installation of water quality monitoring

Installation - designed automatic water quality monitoring stations to various government agencies such as Bangkok Taos. Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants   read more

Improved sewage systems

AIDA improve wastewater treatment in industrial automation integrated   read more

Your standard is our standard.

Standard electrical installations Electricity.

According to the standard installation of electricity in Thailand.
By Chanyong Amnadskulrit Department of Electrical and Control Systems PEA.

Substation Equipment and Protective

According to the book of course Substation Equipment and Protective Re

The installation of electricity in Thailand.

According to the Committee to prepare the installation of electricity in Thailand.
The Engineering Institute of Thailand under Royal Patronage (EIT)