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Lighting control systems

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Lighting control systems

    Companies have been designing, supplying, installing cabinets, electrical control systems, electric control cabinet or cabinet MBD. We guarantee the quality and standard parts. The production process has a team of engineers with experience in high voltage systems and low voltage systems that control the entire production from design electrical cabinets to deliver end products to customers.


 MDB(Main Distribution Board(Indoor Type) MDB box a container for use in power supply system. Several cabinet units can be connected together into a large cabinet. The structure independent of each cabinet units are specially designed. To be able to support the weight of the bus bar and power supplies large fine. Easy to transport because it can be detached episodes. The side of the box, both the top and bottom vents to allow heat and air capacitor that needs extra cooling. The fan can be installed more To help reduce the temperature inside the cabinet even better.

SDB (Sub Distribution Board) or DB(Distribution Board)Electrical control panel or secondary characteristics including components resemble a cabinet switch board, but the size and capacity of the cabinet and electrical cabinet descending from MDB works as a control, in particular. Down to the next floor of a building in a high-rise building or adjacent but smaller.

Welding Welding Box van is an important link in the movement as a source of energy. Electricity production and to force out the basic characteristics if they can. Share welding out two types of welding-type constant current (CC) and welding-type voltage constant (CV), this difference considering its features Volt Ampere Curves is the point between the connected. force at the time of connection

And box LP (Load Panel) or control panel power substation switches control of the circuit sub-room control LP or in part, to control the circuit breaker several put matters just as in the shipping box. resulting in a smaller building may LP control of SDB.

So most customers trust in our products and services that meet the safety requirements of the electric system and international safety standards TISI., And other laws, which are generally accepted tolerated.